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Everyday is a new beginning; every moment is a new challenge.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Time is running out

If we consider the volume of work that we can and should do for our respective countries and our native planet as a whole then we may start feeling like we need more time. But as life can be considered as a project that has a specific deadline for everything that we wish to do with limited resources, it does makes us realize of our ability and efficiency to perform our best. Life is all about growth and growth is all about change. Therefore any kind of positive change that fits our future plan to make this world a better place to live should be always welcome. There has to be some kind of logic behind everything that happens and when we don’t understand the logic, we call it luck. Every action has a same and opposite reaction and life is nothing but a chain reaction of events. In that sense, the future could be well predicted up to a certain degree if we can take everything into account at a particular point of time. Our every decision is based on a personalized platform of logic and whatever we do is actually a programmatic outcome of our mind. The day when we will be able to prove astrology to be completely wrong will be a day when we can extend our limit beyond the sky. Irrespective of the fact that we may really not be able to apply all our plans up to the desired extent within our lifespan, but the effort to materialize a good dream makes us feel good and creates a positive impact that can motivate the generations to come.


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