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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Towards a better academic system

We learn to get a certificate which in turn helps us to get a job. It doesn’t makes much sense for those who are already employed (based on their level of knowledge and irrespective of what certificates they have) until and unless required for a promotion or a new job. A certificate can’t ensure our performance, which is the only criterion to be in the job, provided it is not a government organization. Similarly, not having a certificate can’t stop us from doing what we can, provided it is not something illegal. We actually don’t need a certificate to prove that we are human beings and can speak English. It is only required when people can’t judge us on their own and need a third party to verify on what we are up to. Therefore, not having a certificate doesn’t really mean that we are unable to do a specific task. It actually depends on whether every one of us would be able to wait for years spending time and money to get a certificate on what we may be already doing at work on a regular basis against which our salary (plus incentives, if any) is paid by the organization at the beginning of every month. Considering the fact that the training provided may neither be worthy nor required (as it depends on the teaching ability and willingness of the trainers), it seems to be like a product for which we pay now and have to wait for one, two or three years to get it delivered. Therefore, it would be much appreciated if the examination/ certification system, irrespective of its formal academic level (which could be bound to respective age criteria, if necessary), remains open throughout the year with optional training for those who can afford spending both time and money for the guidance that they really need. The system should be able to provide CBTs and online resources while evaluating our knowledge/ skills through a speedy process. This has already been successfully applied for various technical certifications and can be applied for formal education as well.


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