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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Pre-qualification work experience

I have personally experienced the following about pre-qualification work experience, which may vary from organization to organization:

○ Some organizations doesn’t have any problem of hiring candidates without sufficient qualification if they are assured of his/ her performance which, at the end of the day, is the only thing that matters most

○ Organizations may pay less because of the candidate’s lack of qualification though his/ her performance may be up to the mark

○ The candidate doesn’t have enough scope for choosing better jobs, and thus less chances are there of his/ her leaving the organization

○ Candidates without qualification are bound to work harder than the general candidates as there is always a fear of loosing the job

○ His/ her ability to perform is being tested on a daily basis and there always exists an ego factor where some qualified candidates repeatedly try to prove that they are superior even if their performance is not competitive enough

And after all this, most of the companies consider only post qualification work experience as valid to register for their vacancies. If the qualification asked for is directly related to the job (which the candidate may obtain after completing his/ her pre-qualification work experience) but the candidate’s pre-qualification work experience is not relevant, then post qualification work experience doesn’t have any alternative. But otherwise work experience of any kind should be considered based on the type and quality of work.


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