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Thursday, November 02, 2006

My religion

My mother was a Hindu and my father was a Christian. After my birth, my father changed his religion to Hinduism. I have experienced both Christian and Hindu cultures in my childhood. Many of my friends were Muslims. As far as documents are concerned, I am a Hindu. But I don’t have any special feelings for any religion. All the religions are same to me and I respect other peoples’ religious sentiments. I believe that the one and only religion of mankind should be humanity. I don’t support any misdeed done in the name of religion and feel that all religions should teach us to contribute positively to this world. Politically speaking, M. K. Gandhi was right when he said, “To befriend the one who regards himself as your enemy is the quintessence of true religion.” Enmity is something which should be dealt in such a way that it can be transformed into friendship for a peaceful world. Nobody is here on earth to stay forever and we will not be able to take away anything with us. What matters here is our lifetime contributions and what we leave behind after our death. Selfishness of any kind which may harm others interests is the most unreligious thing to me. It is highly negative and should not be encouraged. We should expect what we are supposed to and anything more or less than that should be adjusted accordingly in due course of time.


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