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Saturday, October 28, 2006

My life prediction

My life prediction from a renowned portal says the following:

○ I will enjoy prosperous financial status from 30th year onwards.
○ I will settle in life by 33 years of age.
○ There are prominent chances that I will earn much from overseas.
○ There are prominent chances that I will receive much in inheritance.
○ I will have a spacious modern home. There are fair indications that I will settle abroad.

As a matter of fact, astrology is not science. But still I do have some interest in it as it deals with the future. There is no other way but to match the prediction with the actual happenings of my life to check whether it is correct.

Nothing can happen just because it has to without any logic. So if the above prediction is correct, then it should have some logical foundation. The astrologer thus rightly said, “There were no sheer lucks for you. Your career might have started from grass root level and you will gradually achieve success in your life.”


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