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Monday, March 31, 2008

The sincere workers are the most performing

During my past 5 years work experience (out of total experience of more than 6 years), what I have repeatedly observed is that the best in the industry is the one who is the most sincere and hardworking irrespective of any hardcopy qualifications provided the correct environment and the required support from the management is available. It actually doesn’t takes much time for the human brain to learn new skills provided you know how to teach with personalized attention and the person being taught is interested in the subject. On the job learning process is much more effective than classroom teaching methodology as you also get the chance to apply what you learn on a regular basis. Wrong conceptions may lead to wrong decisions and it is therefore important to test everything that you know before taking it seriously. It may happen that whatever you had read was correct at the time of writing the books but may not be prevalent in the current times due to changed circumstances. That is the reason why the ones who likes to sleep on their certificates are the ones who are the most underperforming and are a liability to their respective organizations.


  • At 17/8/12 10:32 AM, Blogger SJeem Ahmed said…

    Hardworking people can create good working environment now a days mostly organizations demand Hardworking peoples who work properly. Jobs


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