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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

About social service

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Every one of us is part of the society in which we live and is responsible for its development. We start with taking care of our family; then we think of our society and finally our nation as a whole. Some of us move forward to help the underprivileged, to make their life better than what it is. Most of us do it due to an urge from our heart and some of us have to do it professionally. But no matter how and why we do it, our every action has the scope to create a positive impact on our surroundings.

All our life long earnings and assets that we carefully save for the future will be still there even after our death. So, irrespective of how much selfish we are, at the time of our exit from this world, we shall not be able to take away anything with us. Our existence will one day vanish into vacuum but our work and belongings will remain on earth for the future generation.

There is a distinct difference between what we can give and what we can do for our society. Human resource is the most important resource which can make a positive difference on earth. It is therefore a great loss to miss someone who has been of great value and inspiration to this world. They create benchmarks for the generations to come of what height we can achieve as human beings.

How much and when we can do something for our society depends from time to time. But when we think of overall development of mankind, the underprivileged segment of our society cannot be ignored.


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