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Monday, February 11, 2008

What is destiny?

Destiny is a matter of cumulative choice where the options are limited and predetermined based on our past actions but can change from time to time depending on natural, political and socio-economic circumstances. That is the reason why we are yet not being able to get rid of poverty, corruption, pollution, illiteracy and terrorism, the basic obstacles in the path of development. It is our destiny for which we were born on a specific date and time, and it is our destiny that will define our death as well. A life unlimited will be full of waste as we will always have enough time to do what we can to make this world a better place to live. Death is important for the overall development of mankind if we consider life as a project where we have to leverage our optimum potential within a specific time period leading to speedy development. It also helps nurture humanity as we can understand that there is no use of being selfish as sooner or later everyone has to leave everything behind and make our exits from this world. In fact, there will be no crime, no corruption and no sin on this earth when we will be able to understand the true meaning of mortality. Our successors are supposed to be more intelligent than us and it is our destiny to make way for them.

But can we change our destiny? We should try our level best to do whatever we wish to and everything else is a matter of time. If something doesn’t works out properly then there should be a reason behind it that needs our attention. The more we know about this universe, the better we can understand of what life is all about. It is always our incomplete knowledge/ information that lead us towards wrong decisions. We need to be very sure of what platform we are going to provide to our successors; otherwise there is no sense in increasing the population. The earth will still rotate around the sun irrespective of our existence.


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