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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Once upon a time… dated 01/01/2508

“Once upon a time there was a system called the formal education system where people had to wait for a minimum period of 15 years to get the eligibility to enter into a standard profession. It was a hierarchy based system where knowledge was being segregated into years of compulsory training and people had to wait for years to get a certificate irrespective of their level of knowledge. There was no performance measurement system for the teachers and it was always the students’ fault if they could not come out satisfactorily. Learning anything outside the syllabus was totally irrelevant and impractical. Students were more concentrated on getting more marks simply by memorizing the answers irrespective of whether they understood it or not or by means of a mechanism called suggestions. There was no satisfactory system to evaluate personal growth or mind power and whoever could not fall into the track for various reasons were deprived of contributing something better in their professions without spending years while going back in time to start from the beginning of the course.

“Now, while celebrating New Year 2508, we the global citizens of this world wonder of how unrealistic it was to accept it as a system as it consumed almost 25% of a human being’s lifespan without any satisfactory outcome. Ultimately, in most of the cases, what they learned and remembered was all at work and the rest of their knowledge could have been gained in a much lesser time and in a far better way as we are doing today. Mankind could have been 100 years ahead of where we are today if we could have avoided wasting our time in such a silly system that had been carefully nurtured by our esteemed ancestors.”


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