Life has its own formula

Everyday is a new beginning; every moment is a new challenge.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We don't have any choices to make until we are born; and when we are born, we find ourselves surrounded by different circumstances. From that point of time, we have to understand very well about what we are going to do with our human life. Certainly, our first priority should be to concentrate on our formal education as it is the default criteria to start working for a standard livelihood. But to get a practical view of the world around us is also of equal importance as it may eventually help us to broaden our career choices or help us to achieve our career objectives.

It is a very amazing fact that we didn’t exist before our birth and will not exist after our death. So, whatever we may do during our lifespan, we will not be able to live with it forever. But where will mankind be after thousands of generations to come? Nobody has seen the future and there is a lot that are yet to be discovered and invented. Unless we reach the end of the universe and are being able to answer all questions relating to our existence, we will never find out of what we are really into.


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